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Unity Tip: When To Fine-Tune Your RealSense Controls

Hi everyone,

When developing a RealSense project in Unity, you will find that the speed that your RealSense-controlled objects are moving at can vary a lot from one week to the next, depending on what you have added to your project or removed from it.  This is not an issue with RealSense directly but due to how much "lag" is currently in your project due to Unity processing the physics, scripts, lighting, etc.

This is why it is a good idea if possible to leave the fine-tuning of your RealSense controls until towards the end of your project if possible.  Otherwise if you keep re-tuning them every time the speed of the controls change then you will just frustrate yourself and lose a lot of development time needlessly!

There does not always seem to be a predictable logic to the speed changes.  For example, you might add thirty more scripts and thirty more light-sources and then find that the speed that the RealSense objects are moving at has accelerated, not slowed down.  I recommend just rolling with the punches and sorting it all out towards the end once most of your content and mechanisms are in place so you know that the speed will not change much between that point and the end of the project.

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