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What can I do with Xeon Phi 5110P?

I had a networking class in my college today and the teacher brought some hardware. He asked who has free PCIe slots at home and likes to mess around with hardware. I was the first one to put my hand up. He gave me this coprocessor and now I have no idea what to use it for.

I have to make a short presentation, but I’ve no ideas.

edit: oh god why

edit2: Well that’s disappointing. This card requires for the motherboard/processor to support “memory mapped I/O above 4GB”, which is absent on my Ryzen system. Can’t get it to work. Thank you all for your suggestions though. Will try to make an interesting presentation nontheless.

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Probably a bad idea. Monero is designed for 2MB L3 cache.

While the Xeon Phi has 1MB L2 cache (HUGE for an L2 cache, but too small for the Monero algorithm)

EDIT: It seems like they eek'd out good performance though on some Xeon Phis. I wonder if the super-fast RAM that's attached to the Xeon Phi is sufficient for the program?

EDIT2: Oooooohhh snap. MCDRAM is Hybrid Memory Cube. That makes sense then. That's super-low latency main memory. I was kinda curious how HMC would work in Monero... seems like my theories are correct! HMC is ideal for the Monero workload, leading to great performance even though the problem doesn't fit inside of L2 cache.

I didn't realize that HMC RAM actually was released in any commercial product. I guess I'm mostly surprised to just see the darn thing in any product.

EDIT3: Lol, the Knights Corner Xeon Phi is so old it doesn't have MCDRAM yet. Never mind... yeah, its probably not going to be very good at monero.

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