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Personally, I need some help, I am new to android and Intel XDK. See my code below. I can not send email. Where am I going wrong? because the code produces no effect ?. I am using Intel XDK version 3400 and the plug-cord-mail ... My smartphone is moto g, android. please help me. Thank you.

     document.addEventListener ('deviceready', function () {
     // is now available
}, False); (
     function (isAvailable) {
     // Alert ( 'Service is not available') unless isAvailable;
</ Script>
<Button onclick = "mail ()"> Email </ button>

email function () {
     alert ( 'ok') ({
     to ''
     subject: 'Greetings'
     body: 'Hello How are you?'
</ Script>

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There's a few things I see here.

First, you may not need a Cordova plugin for this.  If you use a "mailto" link, that might be all you need, i.e.:


<a href=""><button>Click here</button></a>

Additionally, you're calling a function "mail()", but haven't defined it anywhere, and further down you're creating a function by saying "email function ()" which should cause a syntax error.  It should be either "email = function ()" or "function email()", but either one creates a function "email" not "mail.

I would try the 'mailto' link.



My friend, no.

Already I rummaged through a lot, trying to find a solution for email sent from an application developed in Intel XDK, but unfortunately did not find any. My suggestion in this forum would suggest, ask to develop a step-by-step, if possible with video of an example showing how this could be done. I'm already in version 3400 Intel XDK, work or how to pray.