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i want to flash intel galileo gen2 sd card.


hi, i want to flash intel galileo gen2 micro sdcard(8GB)

HOW CAN I Flash micro SD CARD ?

I FIND 2 method,


i download

and then extract that file

and copy all files of extracted folder , and then copy to micro sd card

and then pull out the micro sd card from pc and then put into galileo gen2


the size of extracted files in extracted folder is about 300MB,

but the size of SDHC CARD IN explorer at windows 8.1 is just 49MB,

how can i copy these files to micro SD Card ?

i can't do this..


second method

i download

and then extract downloaded file

and then use win32diskimager

and then write image file to micro sd card ,

here is a problem , size of extracted file is 1GB, and  there is no file extension like img, or iso,,,

so, win32diskimager can't recognize the file

i just select and then write image file to microsdcard.

it works, but is this correct ???  i think this method is old method....



which one is correct method ?

or , would you suggest anything else better than above method ??


and , often galileo(comxx) is disappeared ,

and i tried to upload from arduino sketch intel version

and then i failed to upload,

permission denied ....


if i renew at device manager in windows 8.1 pro,

and then the pc is downed. with message VIDEO DXGKRNL Fatal Error

and reboot...

oh my god....why does this happen ????




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Have you checked the latest documentation, in step 2 under Intel® Galileo board please select Windows as operating system and follow the instructions to setup the computer.

Please follow this tutorial to program the SD card and let us know if you still have issues.


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