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missing new licenses after renaming



I have somehow lost access to my most recent licenses on the Products page.   
Within the last month I received a new machine from the vendor XxxxxXxx with Intel Parallel Studio, XE Professional Edition for Fortran for Linux (Single user, 1-Year Academic) pre-installed by the Vendor and available to me under username ******** and password ********.  The Intel software serial number is xxxx-xxxxxxxx.   Using that information, I was able to update the Intel software on my new machine to version 18 (version 17 was preinstalled by XxxxxXxx).  I did that update by logging in at the intel site and downloading the tar file — all went smoothly.
But then I took the step of renaming the account to “xxxxxxx” and changing the passwd to my choice instead of the XxxxxXxx one.   I got confirmation emails from intel for both of those changes, and I can now login using the modified username and passwd.   However, I no longer find a list of my licenses including the new software; instead it only shows expired licenses from several years ago when I previously purchased a machine from XxxxxXxx with Intel Parallel Studio XE installed. 
Note that the listed software (that I now see listed with expired licenses) was already in an account for bpaxton, the same username that I reused for the new software.  Perhaps the new information was lost during the name change for the new account that reused an existing name and resulted in reverting the new account to the old contents while losing the new licenses?
Instead of these expired licenses, I need to have access to the new licenses for xxxx-xxxxxxxx.   I am not interested in having access to the expired ones.  I hope this can be fixed soon.
Thank you,
Bill Paxton
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