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To Decrypt the file Encrypted by Intel File Protect


Hai Everyone,  


I have few of my personnel files (photos) stored in the Intel File Protect app and enabled the cloud backup option. Now the application has discontinued and I am unable to open my cloud through the application. 


The encrypted file are still available in my cloud storage which is dropbox. Those are in . encrypted and .mdta format and I am unable to open using any other application.


Requirement : I need to get those file back by decrypting using any application or intel support.


Attachment : The file are stored in my dropbox account in encrypted formats. 


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Hello, HarvisPCleetus.

Thank you for posting on the Intel VROC Community Support forum.

I received your case regarding these encrypted files, and I will review this with you.

There is no support area for the application you mentioned, so I cannot route your inquiry to the appropriate team or community forum, and there is also no information nor technical documentation we can provide.

Service and support for that application seems to have ended back in 2016, with its users being informed about the need to migrate their information to a different location before the application was discontinued.

The only recommendation I can provide in this situation would be to contact a professional data recovery company to check if it is possible to work something out, and I'm not ware of this falls within their scope of support, but this is something you can discuss directly with them:


The thread will be closed right now and no longer monitored for Intel support.

Thank you for posting on the Intel Virtual RAID on CPU forum.

Best regards,

Bruce C.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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