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About PMU


I'm new to PMU development, I'm curious about the following question about PMU:

1) I have read IA32_MISC_ENABLE MSR and the bit[7] always is zero , but the bit[12] always set, what does it mean? The CPU is supported PEBS or not supported??

2) Does PEBS provided the functionality that can trap all of branch , such as , syscall ? what is the basic step for doing this?

3) without PEBS , I tired to set a PMC0 with Ia32PerfEvtseL0 , and set the PMC0 to be negative number ,  however, the PMI doesn't happened... why is that..??

4) I have do a following setting , but there is not PMI generated


CPU Model : 60 

where g_Event is 0xC2 and g_mask is 1 


Thank you :)

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