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Atom E3845 how to switch off throttling


I am testing a board with an Atom E3845 CPU.

But the performance is not what I expected.

The reason seems to be that the CPU does not run the maximum clock frequency.

It always turns it down from 1.4GHz to 533MHz; and so my test application runs very slow.

Is there a way to switch off the throttling at this CPU type?

Bytheway, the throttling is not caused by the CPU temperature. That is at around 40°C during the tests..

I already looked around in the BIOS for c-states and p-states to switch them off, but nothing really helps.

I am also testing a board running a 3955U; here I can switch off the throttling by disabling the c-states and p-states.

But at the E43845 I can not switch off the throttling.

Does anyone knows what special BIOS setting looses the throttling brake  at the E3845 ?

Or is there no way to switch throttling off at the E3845 ?



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sorry, very easy solution

I forgot to set the Windows power plan to high performance