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DRAM Memory reads and writes


Hello All,

I am using Intel core i7-2600 CPU with DDR3-1333 SDRAM. I want to calculate number of reads and writes from and to the DRAM memory respectively. I found the Model specific registers like UNC_DRAM_READ_CAS.CHx, UNC_DRAM_WRITE_CAS.CHx that are not supported on my system (64-ia-32-architectures-software-developer-system-programming-manual-325384.pdf).<!--break-->

I also wish to calculate the number of activates and idle cycles after executing application. I used DRAMPower to get these values. However, it gives results only for trace files given in source code. PAPI also does not give these values. So, let me know if anyone is aware of getting these values.<!--break-->

Thanks in advance.

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The DRAM counters in these processors are described at

It requires a fair amount of expertise to understand how to access these counters.  You may be better off using the Intel Performance Counter Monitor tool, described at  ; The revision notes for version 2.4 say that the tool knows how to read the memory counters for the processors described in the link above, so newer versions should also have this capability.

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