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Read Power Limit from CPU


How can i read the power limit of a CPU from MSR, i already read the developers manual and even found some MSR that seem to hold the information that i wanted but i don't think it's right. That value would be 84 W or am i wrong.
Sorry by the English by the way.

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It is pretty easy to get confused by the way the values are encoded into the MSRs.   I started with this code and simplified it for my systems.

The code is also included in my project at lines 1403-1444.

I have not had any trouble getting the expected answers on my server processors, but I have never tried to read the configuration of client processors or processors with configurable TDP....


What i need to do is to get CPU current temperature, load, clock and power and show them in relation with the maximum values of each parameter.
The OpenHardwareMonitor lib( was very usefull in getting the current values but not the maximum ones, now only the power is missing. And since Intel Extreme Utility get that value i thought that it is possible.
I'll take a look on what you sent here, and get back with one answer, thanks.