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Using Intel PAL (Platform Analysis Library)

I am interested in building a power model for GPGPU applications. As part of the work, I would like to gather information on metrics like EU utilization etc. and understand the correlation between those performance counters and the power consumption of on-chip GPU.
I expected to gather metrics for on-chip GPU using Intel PAL but I couldn't find anything useful after getting access and downloading the library. Are there any public documentation on how to use PAL or any other article that would be helpful for me in this context.
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Unfortunately, at this moment GPU publishers are not supported for linux. I just want to make it clear that it’s a publisher limitation and not a metrics framework limitation.  We don’t own support of or testing for GPA publishers.

GPU publishers team suggested this option:

Publishers will provide metrics on the systems where Metrics Discovery API is available. Mesa driver that is normally used on Linux systems does not support this API.Metrics Discovery API is supported by VPG gfx driver. In theory if customer install VPG gfx driver on Linux system then publishers should work.

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