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Where are the performance monitoring events and MSRs for Rocket Lake and Comet Lake?


I'm trying to do performance monitoring on Comet Lake and Rocket Lake processors.

Part 1:

I found this link which has files listing the performance monitoring events for many different processor architectures:  

However it doesn't seem to list the architectures Comet Lake and Rocket Lake. I know that these were released in the same generations as Ice Lake and Tiger Lake, respectively, and there are folders for those two archs; so does Comet Lake and Rocket Lake share the performance monitoring events with Ice Lake and Tiger Lake?


Part 2:

Some useful performance info are also in MSRs. In the Software Developers Manual Vol. 4: Model Specific Registers, it has one section for the MSRs located in 6th-11th Gen Core Processors along with some Xeon processors. All of these processors share the MSRs listed in this section. So for 10th Gen Core it mentions:

10th generation Intel® Core™ processors are based on Comet Lake microarchitecture(...) and Ice Lake microarchitecture.

But for 11th Gen Core it just says:

11th generation Intel® Core™ processors are based on the Tiger Lake microarchitecture.

Isn't 11th gen Core also based on Rocket Lake? Does Rocket Lake have the same MSRs as Tiger Lake and all the other processors in this section?

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