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Xeon-D Uncore ECC Error Injection


I am trying to test a driver for monitoring ECC errors, and would like to check functionality by injecting errors.

In Intel ® Xeon ® Processor D-1500 Product Family External Design Specification (EDS), Volume Two: Core and Uncore Registers, I have found the registers below relating to error injection:
4.3.80 rsp_func_addr_match_lo
4.3.81 rsp_func_addr_match_hi
4.3.82 rsp_func_addr_mask_lo
4.3.83 rsp_func_addr_mask_hi
4.3.84 rsp_func_rank_bank_match
4.5.55 rsp_func_crc_err_inj_dev0_xor_mask
4.5.56 rsp_func_crc_err_inj_dev1_xor_mask
4.5.57 rsp_func_crc_err_inj_extra

I believe I have set all of these registers as necessary in the driver to inject an error, but I am unable to enable address matching, by setting addr_match_en in the rsp_func_addr_match_hi register. I notice that this bit is locked.

How does one go about setting up error injection? Am I going about this correctly, and if so how do I unlock this bit to enable address matching?

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