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i7 2600K need Help with Warranty.

I read somewhere where a guy was saying if you use anything higher then 1333mhz Ram the warranty is Void so does that mean if I get this CPU I would not be able to use 1600mhz Ram.
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Hello wade7575,
Looking through the Intel warranty pages, it seems that if you bought the system from someone, you need to ask them about the warrany.
There are probably multiple warranties, perhaps one for the system, maybe one for the motherboard, another for the chip.
If you bought the chip directly from Intel (a boxed processor) then the warranty is included with the chip.
I don't know the specifics of what violates a warranty.
In general, external damage to a chip seems to void the warranty but I don't know if using 1600 mhz Ram violates the warranty.
The main warranty page for Intel chips is
On this page (under "how do I get warranty service?") there is a 'live chat support' with people much more knowledgeable about warranties.

Intel also has a web 'warranty assistant' at:

The assistant seems to end up at phone support, see:

I hope this helps,

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You're fortunate that Pat is willing to research this. It's unlikely to cause any damage. As your chip set or CPU don't support the higher speed, it would be expected to run at reduced clock rate, so there would be no advantage in it.
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As long as you get RAM modules that are rated at 1.65V or lower you will have no problems with warranty. If you push memory voltage above 1.65V you risk damaging the CPU, and you might lose the warranty.

That said, I am using my i7-2600K CPU with Kingston HyperX 1600MHz DDR3 XMP RAM rated at 1.65V and it works great.

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