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pmu-tools for Intel PMU features on top of linux perf



I just wanted to mention the pmu-tools toolkit, which some people here may find useful. It's a collection of scripts and libraries to make it easier to use Intel specific PMU features on top of Linux perf.

Features in pmu-tools:

  • A wrapper to add the full named Intel core event lists to perf (ocperf)
  • A "top down" cycle decomposition model on top of perf (topdown)
  • A tool to generate and measure high and low-level uncore metrics on Xeon servers (ucevent)
  • C Libraries to resolve named Intel events and provide higher level interfaces to the perf interface, for self profiling and writing new tools
  • Various graphing and conversion tools for perf stat output
  • An experimental scipy/pandas data model for analysis
  • A number of additional utilities and enhancements.

pmu-tools is on a rolling release, so there are no real releases per se. The git tree can be checked out at any time.


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Cool stuff. Thanks a lot for sharing.