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small mistakes in Xeon E5-2600 uncore performance monitoring guide

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(1) In the document "Intel Xeon Procesor E5-2600 Product Family Uncore Performance Monitoring Guide", document 327043-001, March 2012, section 2.7 on QPI Link Layer performance monitoring incorrectly describes the "QPI_RATE_STATUS" register.

Table 2-84 lists the event as having address "0xD4", and section describes this as being an MSR.   However, Table 1-3 describes this as being in PCI configuration space at Devices 8/9, Function 0, offset 0xD4.   

MSR 0xD4 is not readable on my 2-socket Xeon E5-2680 system, while Bus 3F, Device 8, Function 0, Offset D4 decodes (according to Table 2-93) to a value of 8.0 GT/s, which is the expected value on this system.   I noticed that the corresponding location in Function 9 is zero, which I interpret as meaning that the two links are "slaved" to the same frequency, with the frequency only specified in the Link 0 configuration space area.

(2) In Table 2-84 the entries for PKT_MASK and PKT_MATCH are inconsistent.  It appears that the fourth entry (Q_Py_PCI_PMON_PKT_MATCH0) should have its "Description" field changed from "Mask 0" to "Match 0".

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John, thank you very much for your feedback. I have forwarded your findings to architects to improve the next revision of the documentation. Best regards, Roman
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