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6205 missing property Disable wireless connection when connected to wired network


We just received a new batch of laptops with the Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 wireless card. We have limited address space and habe trditionally used the built-in option to disable the wireless connection whenever the system is connected to a wired network.

The 6205 appears to be missing that option under the advanced configuration tab.

Is this something that now requires a registry entry to set?

I need a way to do this automatically. It is not acceptable to have the system user manually disable the radio using the power switch as they often forget to turn the radio back on.



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Thank you for your post.

I understand that you are looking for an option to automatically turn off the wireless when a wired connection is detected.


Note that this should be enabled by the Operating System; nevertheless Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) may load and customize the Operating System where this feature may not work correctly.


Since this does not happen in your case, you may still force it by creating a profile with the administrator tool in the Intel® PROSet software. To do this, you would first need to make sure that you have the software enabled. If you don't already have the software you may download it here:

Download the appropriate file the 'Wireless_15.2.0_s64.exe' for Windows* 7 64 bit or Wireless_15.2.0_s32.exe' for Windows* 7 32 bit to get the software.


If you already have it, then open the connection utility and click on the "tool" button on the top, then on "administrator tool"


(If you cannot find it, go to programs and features, and select to modify the software, and then make sure all options in the custom set up are available if any option shows with a red 'X' then click on it and install it)

In the administrator tool enter a password, and then select 'create new package'. Click on the "application settings" button on the top, then in the list on the left click on 'Adapter switching' on the right then click "enable adapter switching" clock on 'close', give the file a name and save it on the desktop, (this will allow you to use the same file on different computers without going through these steps again) click on finish, then click on "apply this package to this computer" then on OK.


You may also just double click on the saved package on your desktop if you did not check it in the last step.

After a restart these change will take effect, and if you need it on any other computer you may just transfer the file and double click it.

I hope this helps.

Community Manager

We have even more painful experience with this gizmo of Adapter Switching.

Once it was enabled via Administrator Tool, I could not manage to disable it.


SergeyB, I have replied in the new thread you created, /thread/44829 here.