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6235 BT only connects at 3mbps to iPhone5

Hi Everyone, I have a Dell XPS 12 with Centrino 6235 and I have the latest ProSet and latest Bluetooth drivers but my computer will only connect at 3mbps to my iPhone 5 over BT. Both Devices support BT 3.0+HS but tests also show that I cannot get over about 2mbps of internet connection to my laptop over BT. In the Intel Help documentation it says there is an option under the BT Settings -> High Speed tab to enable High Speed but for me this isn't the case, I only have an option to "Notify me about high speed mode switching".

I have removed all software and drivers, doing BT first and then ProSet but same result.

Am I missing something? Thank you!

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Keep in mind the internet speed may not be the same as the data transfer speed for the (bluetooth) connection. Still, it is very difficult to obtain the same speed in real life compared to the theoretical transfer rate since many variables are involved and it is more difficult to measure this value over bluetooth.

Bluetooth 3.0 + HS requires but do not replace 802.11 (WiFi). Even though the connection may be good at this time you may want to make sure there are no external devices interfering at 2.4GHz (like wireless phones).


Thanks Joe. My profesison is in Corporate IT support and has been for over a decade so as you can appreciate I have tried everything I can think of to work on this issue.

Even using an app that allows me to download directly from the iphone the link only operates around the 2-3mbps range, the maximum physical connection speed of BT 2.0 EDR. What I am not understanding is why the Bluetooth technology is not switching to high speed mode aka BT 3.0 HS, and what can I do to ensure it does when both negotiating devices clearly support it.

As I mentioned before, the Intel Help files do not actually say exactly what I see in regards to the High Speed tab in the BT settings which is of concern, and also the fact that I have no associations active on the 802.11 link on either device, giving BT full right of way to use the radio for its own purpose.

The main reason to use BT over WiFi to hotspot an iphone is so that it can initiate the hotspot without any intervention on the phone itself, whereas using Wifi one must tinker about with the iphone before it broadcasts it's SSID etc




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Hello Ketterj, something else to check would be to make sure you run the latest of both the Intel® PROSet and the Bluetooth drivers.


The latest Bluetooth drivers are version 2.6.1212. The latest PROSet would be 15.6.0, you may manually download them from the link below, just select the appropriate Operating System:

The Hi-speed Bluetooth is activated automatically; also see if you can check with Apple for any known issues for automatically activating the BT-HS since there was a new IOS recently.