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AX200 Bluetooth Inactive


I upgraded my combo wireless card from 7260NGW AN to WiFi 6AX200 NGWG.NV on my Samsung 940X3G laptop. The antennae cables were verified to be connected.

I upgraded drivers / software to latest.

The issue is my bluetooth isn't functional and when I check Device Manager it doesn't appear.

On the WiFi side there are no known issues within DM.

Win10 troubleshooting is of no value.

I believe both cards [old and new] are of the same type.


What can the issue(s) with my card be?

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There was a recent similar incident where someone upgraded the wireless in a laptop, but the upgrade wasn't working properly. I would recommend using either Settings / Apps, or the older Programs and Features tool, and remove all the drivers and software for the hardware that was removed. Restart, and then install the new software. Also, there is an Ethernet driver for the AX200 and a Bluetooth driver for the AX200. I believe it is possible to download both as a single install, but you might want to check for just the Bluetooth component and try installing that.



THX for replies.

I went ahead and removed all Intel BT & wireless using App-Features - Uninstall.

I then removed all similar items from Win10 registry.

Rebooted computer and still no BT in either DM or anywhere else.

I did a clean install of latest drivers / software v22... and still no difference.

I don't know why Win 10 not recognizing hardware.

With old chip model I "upgraded" BT drivers from Windows depository. Different from Intel's. [Bluesoleil or something to that effect]. One line only in DM under heading of Bluetooth.

This AX200 chip is brand new not a pull.

I don't know how to verify its operational status.

Any other possible ideas / solutions I can try?

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Please open Device Manager and look for any devices that have the yellow question mark or yellow exclamation point. Are there any items listed because these are hardware items the system has no driver for. And while in Device Manager, under View click Show hidden devices. Is the Bluetooth showing there?

One other easy place to check is on Settings / Devices. Is Bluetooth shown and is it in the On or Off setting?



Doug, I rebooted again and opened DM and under view clicked on view hidden and I have two BT lines: One has Intel Wireless BT and the other BlueSoleil Generic BT USB.

Below is for Intel BT

Under General tab

[Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)

To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer.]

Advanced Tab is blank

Hardware Tab

[Firmware --> Version 00]

Driver Tab


Driver Date: 4/17/19

Driver Details...C:\\WINDOWS\system32

 - DRIVERS\bthport.sys


 - DRIVERS\ibtusb.sys

 - ibtproppage.dll

 - ibtsiva.exe


See various details in declining order




In the Settings --> Devices --> BT it's not active. Not specifically on / off. When I try to add a device such as a mouse it's tells me to start the device.




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I suspect there is some older or legacy driver has not been updated. I checked and there is a Samsung update tool from the Windows Store, see the link at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/samsung-update/9nq3hdb99vbf?rtc=1&activetab=pivot:overviewtab

Was this laptop originally running an older version of Windows that was later upgraded to Windows 10?

Since the Bluetooth is already not working, I would remove the Intel Bluetooth software. Then in DM I would remove the Bluetooth hidden devices, being sure to uninstall drivers during the removal. Once all that is done then restart, and have DM scan for hardware changes. You may need to use the Samsung utility to add some legacy code, or something specific to their hardware. Make sure you have the Samsung app from Store installed first.



Indeed this computer started off as Win8.1

It's been running Win10 since it became available.

I'm also running the Win Beta updates. More trouble than it's worth.

On several of these updates BT kicked out.

I somehow managed to get it up & running.

But over the holidays my trusty Surface arc mouse wouldn't connect which has led me to where I am today.

I swapped the chip to improve WiFi and BT.

I do have the Samsung app running but it seems to default to Microsoft.

I will remove all vestiges of BT and Wireless LAN and load new drivers / software after rebooting.




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I also test the Windows Insider previews, but I run them in a virtual machine. I depend on the host PC for too many things to chance it getting boogered up with a dodgy update. Until everything is working I would drop out of the beta testing and stick with stable builds. Using a beta build while things are not working correctly just complicates the problem resolution.

Since this was a Window 8.x PC, Samsung must have supplied a driver suite for the hardware. I believe you can also find the drivers from the Samsung support site(s) You may need to get that driver suite and install a legacy Bluetooth package to get things going.



I do have the driver / software for this laptop.

Given I updated the chip to AX200 from 7620 are the original drivers / software still of any value?


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The problem is there is no way to know when or what clobbered the Bluetooth setup. If it were me, I would remove all the Bluetooth devices and software, get to a clean boot, and then work with DM to add the hardware and find the necessary matching software.

Failing all that, you might want to try putting back the older Wi-Fi adapter, and then get the laptop back to a functional state with everything working on the legacy hardware. It worked before, so it should be able to be functional again.

To go the really long route, I would backup all my volatile data, and put back a fresh image of Windows 8.x with the functional Samsung drivers - essentially put it back to the way it came out of the box. Then go directly to Windows 10 without any beta versions, and then get the new AX200 adapter working. The problem is that sometimes Windows can only go through so many updates before something just gets out of whack. And really, doing a fresh install and skipping any beta builds will give you a cleaner system. As I said, this is the long route.


Short of reinstalling Win10 [I won't] I also reached out to MS. I'm working through some other options.

In the end I hope it is not an Intel chip issue causing this.


As my laptop has other Intel chips I cannot simply erase all Intel line items from the registry.

I'm not sure what lines affect what components so I will try to refine elimination process.

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I'm sure you understand that going from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, and then using Insider Preview builds just really complicates any resolution. To remove old hardware devices that are no longer registering you can use DM, active the Show hidden devices under the View option, and try removing the hidden devices that are in the Bluetooth category.

To manually remove hardware from the registry, you can search the web for guides on manually uninstalling specific devices. Sometimes there are guides that detail how to manually uninstall a device or piece of software.