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Possable bootleg Intel AC 7260HMW


Hello Community

I have been looking into upgrading my WiFi card to an AC 7260HMW. I found several on Ebay and decided to buy one. After I purchased it I got a response from the seller. Well here is the response.


Thanks for your support,this item will ship from USA.
We are sorry about that.Recently,there are many packages have been lost in our USA warehouse,to avoid this happening again,we have to re-labeling the "Fenvi" on the wifi card,just remove Fenvi stickers and Intel is underneath. It is very easy to remove.
It is a genuine Intel card,just be sure to peel the sticker off the back.thank you.Or you can install it on your laptop and see the chipset is "Intel 7260".If you mind this,please contact us to help you cancel the order,thanks for your understanding.
Please reply us as soon as possible.we will ship the goods if you don't reply us.
Best regards


I looked it up and there is a Fenvi Technology website that sells products that are marked Intel. This seemed suspicious so I canceled. I guess I have two questions. Is there anybody here that is familiar with this and can tell me what this is all about? If I do buy one of these how can I tell if it is genuine Intel or not?



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There are manufacturers in China making clones of almost every one of the Intel WiFi cards. Intel puts out an almost complete solution in a module that can easily be used by these manufacturers to produce the WiFi cards. The problem is that many of these manufacturers make nothing but crap and, if they work at all, they could fail for one reason or another in a short amount of time. I stopped trying to keep track of good vs. bad. They copy the Intel stickers outright or they make their own that are designed to look like they are from Intel.

I say give me Intel cards only, even if this does cost more. I have purchased only one clone on purpose, in this case because it's a configuration that Intel doesn't make. So far it has worked; we'll see down the road...


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