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Acess point problem with Intel wiresless adapter



My oldest daughter is at the university. She uses a Toshiba laptop that has an internal Intel wireless chip. They have a campus wide wireless network, which has always the same SSID with several routers spread out.

By sheer bad luck the router that is picked 90%+ of the times by her laptop in the classroom where she spends most of her time is incompatible with this chip and although it gives a connection no data gets through or if it manages to it's at dismal speeds. Through logging and help of some software I was able to find out this and the MAC address of the culprit. She contacted the IT department and they simply won't solve it. She has another colleague who has the same problem, same chipset. Software upgrades have not solved it, neither Windows updates on neither portable, this has been going on for almost a year.

Yes she can use one USB Wireless adapter but this is a big room, the routers are most probably outside in the corridors and only way to pick a decent signal is to use one with a decent antenna. This is not practical and it's even dangerous, as already twice one of her colleagues has almost broke the adapter and USB port by accident as there's too much people in the class and this is bound to happen other times.

So my question is: can I block, blacklist or anything similar the MAC address of the crazy router so that the Intel Wireless adapter picks another and ignores the problematic one? Sometimes she's able to pick another 2 routers which work without issues. I've been trying to find out this information, can't find anything anywhere.

The portable has Windows 10. I don't think Windows has anything like this, but I could be wrong, I was hoping the Intel drivers would be able to do anything to help.

Please don't tell me to install new drivers, update windows, this has been tried lots of times in her laptop and sometimes on the other one with the same chipset. it's just some weirdproblem with this router and the Intel chipset that will be really hard to solve, so I'm trying to find a easier and more viable solution.


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Hello jclv,



I understand that you have unit which is having problems with connecting to an specific router.



According to what I understand in what you have explained is that there is some sort of connection problem between the router and the system. In this case, that seems to be something that must be configured within the router itself since the system works properly with the other routers. We do not have any tool to "blacklist" a router, and I was checking Windows* but there does not seem to be a way either.



Also, I would like to mention that we need as well, more information of the system in order to troubleshoot further. If possible, please provide us with an System Support Utility report. You can generate that report by downloading the tool in the link below:



https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293/Intel-System-Support-Utility-for-Windows- https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293/Intel-System-Support-Utility-for-Windows-



You can attach that report to this thread for further assistance and/or troubleshooting if applicable.



I hope to hear from you.






David V
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Thank you David. Unfortunately this was the answer I was expecting. She'll have to use the external adapter, as I see no other solution. Best regards,

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