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All port are in mode bridge... Help!

Hi All,

Please help me , i have a modem and its port are in mode bridge by mistake ,i lost the access to it and i can not do ping to its interfaces .

How can i recovery the access . Please help me as soon as possible urgently.

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Community Manager

Hello OLFA,



We understand your modem is set to Bridge mode and you are not able to undo this configuration. Please keep in mind that this community supports Intel® Wireless Adapters; from your description of the issue, it would be better to check on this with the Modem / Access Point manufacturer, or with the ISP if it is was provided by them.



In our best effort, take into consideration that bridge mode is configured in the management interface of the modem, this interface can normally be entered by entering the IP address of your Default Gateway (seen with ipconfig in Windows) in a web browser, from a computer that is connected to this network. The manufacturer can also let you know if it is possible to restore the configuration without accessing the management interface.



We hope this helps you engage the proper resources for this situation.





Jonathan B.