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Are all Intel Dual Band Wireless -AC 7260, Model: 7260HMW identical?


Below are photos of 3 different cards.

Do they internally have the same identical architecture?

I want to install Intel model: 7260HMW wireless cards into 3 HP Envy 17T notebooks.

However, I see different descriptions of this card on the internet and chatter that they are different.

After really looking I do not believe there is a difference in those cards identified as "Model: 7260HMW" because I cannot find any information distinguishing the cards and their application.

I would like verification if there is any difference or not?

Can anyone help me?

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There are some differences in the part numbers depending on the form factor. Please refer to the technical documents, the part numbers can be found at the end of each document.

https://www-ssl.intel.com/content/www/us/en/wireless-products/WirelessTechDocs.html Wireless Products Technical Documents

As always suggested, contact your http://www.intel.com/support/oems.htm system manufacturer in order to obtain a list of validated wireless adapter models for your system and the proper means to accomplish this hardware integration.

http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/CS-011644.htm Intel® Wi-Fi Products — Regulatory information regarding hardware installation or upgrade


Thank you for your reply joe_intel.

I am still confused. I have clarifications questions.

FORM FACTOR: What is "form factor". Is it the difference in the wireless card as to applications into a Desk Top, Notebook either flexible or solder down.

These form factors being distinguished by the letters following the model number 7260 ending with HMC or HMW.

What do you mean when you state: "the part numbers can be found at the end."

Found at the end of what?



I am sorry for the confusion. The first reply was briefly edited.

A form factor specifies the dimensions, location of mounting holes, connectors, etc. These specifications are standard for all devices of the same form factor. The part numbers are found at the end of each document. For instance, the Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 comes in Half Mini Card (HMC), M.2, and M.2 soldered.

There may be additional information that can indicate the revision of the adapter and/or the specific geographical areas where it was meant to be distributed to. This information is not publicly available.