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Bluetooth not working. UX301 + W8.1 + X?



I just got a new laptop (Asus UX301). Recently I updated windows to 8.1 as well as updating drivers for more or less everything on the computer.

Then suddenly bluetooth stops working, and after that I have tried everything I know of in order to restore its function. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, as well as software updates, from both intel and asus' web sites. The network adapter in my computer is an "Intel Dual band Wireless-AC 7260". I guess this adapter includes both WiFi and the BT device?

The BT _didn't_ stop working right after I upgraded to W8.1, rather some hours later while I was trying to get the WiDi to work. Therefore I don't suspect W8.1 to be (at least the direct) cause of the dysfunction. It might also be connected to faulty driver updates, although I guess intel has the latest versions and that these should be valid and working.

For information I cannot find any switch for BT anywhere in settings, nor is the icon in the system tray present anymore. Also, in Device manager there is no separate BT adapter listed, but I guess it never was as this is probably included in the WiFi adapter (?). When I right click->properties->advanced on the WiFi adapter in device manager I can see that "Bluetooth(R) AMP" is listed as "active".

For a short while "Centrino

I have also tried running the intel driver update utility, while the driver was installed and while it was uninstalled. No luck.

Please, if anyone have any suggestions as to what can be the solution to this it would really help me a lot. I'm completely empty for suggestions myself after having browsed forums etc. for hours now.

Thank you very much!

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Doctori, I am sorry for your issue.

The fact that no separate Bluetooth adapter appears in Device Manager seems to indicate a possible integration or hardware related issue. Please take a look to /message/217423# 217423 Maibad31 screenshots so you can compare with your system and contact the laptop manufacturer for assistance.

Just to make sure, the Intel® Bluetooth drivers are available from the link below. http://www.intel.com/support/wireless/wtech/proset-ws/sb/CS-034060.htm Intel� PROSet/Wireless Software; Intel� PROSet/Wireless Software for Bluetooth� technology