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Bluetooth won't let monitor sleep


I have recently installed a Cudy AX3000 which I believe has the AX200. I'm using the latest drivers on a Win 10 64bit PC. Everything functions fine, except for one small problem.

I have the computer set to snooze the monitor after 3 minutes.  That happens, but the monitor turns right back on after about 10 seconds.

The Bluetooth diver seems be be causing this. If I disable Bluetooth, the monitor sleeps normally. But if I re-enable the Bluetooth, the problem returns. The monitor will not stay in sleep mode.

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Hello @GSHastings

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.


After reviewing this inquiry, it is worth mentioning that this Cudy AX3000 Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 PCI Express Adapter WE3000 is actually considered a third-party device. Despite it comes with an Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX200 chip and it may use our generic drivers, the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is Cudy* and this is what we call an OEM integration (Intel sells the chip to the OEM and they design this PCIe card that includes all the electronic to convert from M.2 to PCIe, they integrate the chip and provide their own antennas and drivers).


From the links from Cudy* and Amazon*, we noticed that this device comes with a CD to provide their own drivers.

In this special case, our recommendation is to use the drivers they provide and for further assistance please contact directly the OEM (Cudy*) of this device for the proper support.

For your convenience, they have this website* Cudytech Support* available as a channel of support to reach out to them.

Having said that, we will proceed to close this inquiry now. Thank you for your understanding.


Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

*Links to third-party sites and references to third-party trademarks are provided for convenience and illustrative purposes only. Unless explicitly stated, Intel® is not responsible for the contents of such links, and no third-party endorsement of Intel® or any of its products is implied.

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