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Computador Estropeado

Durante la noche se ha instalado una actualización y sus drivers ni me permiten conectar a internet, me han cagado la computadora el día y los estudios
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I can try to help, but I only read and write English. You don't indicate what operating system. I will assume you are using Windows 10. Go to Settings, Update & Security, and click View update history (near the bottom). In the update history window you should see a list of updates that have been applied, and the date the update was installed. Find the update that was installed and make a note of it. At the top of this same window should an option for Uninstall updates. Click that and you should get a new window that shows Uninstall an update in bold. To help you find the update you are looking for, you can click the Installed On column to sort the updates by date. Click on the update that was installed, and you should see an option for Uninstall. That process should put your PC back to the way it was before the update was installed.