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D435 Camera Wireless Transmission




I have a question, me and my group are developing a system that can predict the weight of the chicken using an Intel Real sense D435 camera. and in our system it is required that the D435 camera should transmit the data wirelessly from barn to the house.

We have our eyes on r pi 3 b+ but still confused if it is capable to transmit the data completely since it only used USB 2.0.


What are the ways to used D435 Camera wirelessly? is it possible to it, to be used like wireless camera?

Thanks for your time, Have a nice day. God bless!


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RealSense cameras transmit too much data for them to work wirelessly. The information must be sent through cable. Equipment supplied by the company Newnex can successfully transmit RealSense 400 Series camera data 100 meters using fiber cable.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLQgR1jT04M USB Extension for Intel RealSense D400 Series Camera - YouTube

An alternative approach would be to access the barn PC remotely over a wi-fi or internet connection, activate the camera and record the data to a file on the barn PC. You could then download the recorded data file from the barn PC to your house PC, or remotely play the file that is stored on the barn PC so you can see it on the house PC.

A variation on this approach would be to store the camera data in a textual format such as a CSV file (spreadsheet / database), upload it to the internet (or have the barn PC act as a private local 'intranet' like the internal website of companies) and access that text information through a web browser.