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Does intel AX201 (2.4 Ghz) speed reatch 1000 Mbps ?


i informed that there is some wifi routers support:

(1024QAM (2.4GHz) : up to 1000 Mbps)

does AX201 can reatch this speed ??

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On the 2.4GHz band, my understanding is that the maximum data rate for the AX200/AX201 module is 600Mb/s. On the 5GHz band, maximum data rate can vary anywhere from 500Mb/s up to 2.4Gb/s, depending upon router capabilities. My WiFi6, Wireless-AX Router supports 1.1Gb/s throughput and the AX200/AX201 (and AX210/AX211, for that matter) modules that I use easily support this speed.

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Those 1Gbps speeds could be obtained under specific situations the most of them when using 160MHz width channel, but a couple of scenarios when using 80 MHz widht and "sitting just below the AP" to get the 1024-QAM. But from that value, the quality of experience depends on how many devices connected to the same AP are WiFi6 devices, or from the devices that are using the same channel (for all APs in the vicinity with SNR value above 4 dB from the background noise) how many of them are also WiFi6. Due to the shared nature of the RF medium, and the methods the 802.11 standard use to manage contention, and even with your device connecting at 1Gbps (remember if you use 80- or 160-MHz channel widths) the throughput maybe be not increasing a lot (at least in a human-observable total throughput which we use to measure by the total time it takes for a task to be finished, i.e. a file to be transmitted).

At the end, vendors use marketing techniques to advertise the features as something that is possible to achieve, and not something that in theory could be achieved. In the real world, unless you would be deploying the AP on an isolated place with no other AP in hundreds of meters, the maximum speed you could get would be that from a config like MCS11 @40MHz and SS2 (circled in pink).




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