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Dual band wireless AC 3160


I understand that you will stop manufacturing and also stop updating the Dual band wireless Ac-3160.

My wifi connection now is malfunctioning and it is the this dual band wifi i have installed. What do you suggest i do now?  I cannot also locate the driver and the adapter in my hard disk?  Do i remove it and then install another one? What do Intel wireless do you suggest i install? 

I would appreciate your help asap. Thank you. 

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Actually, they discontinued and stopped manufacturing it way back in 2019. The final driver release supporting this card is available here: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/search.html?ws=text#q=intel%20dual%20band%20wireless-ac%203160&t=Downloads&layout=table.

While this card continues to work, you can continue to use it. If you are going to look at a replacement, there are several I would recommend: AX200 (Wireless-AX and WiFi 6) and AX210 (Wireless-AX and WiFi 6e). If you want to stick with Wireless-AC cards, I would look at the AC9260. Before committing to the purchase of a replacement, you should contact your board/system manufacturer and make sure that there are no issues with this upgrade (Some slimy manufacturers use Inclusion and Exclusion lists to prevent cards they didn't sell you from being used).

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