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Help!! - Intel Platform ME Firmware Update slows down WIFI to a Crawl?


I have been struggling with the puzzling WIFI download speed for more than 6 months.

Problems: WIFI Download speed drop from 120Mbps to 0.3Mbps in 20 minutes after Restart. It keeps on doing the same thing. I have to restart the PC after about 20 minutes of use, and repeat this often during the day.

I have updated all the Windows 10, 64 bit updates, including all the drivers. It is now running Windows 10 Build 10.0.17134. My WIFI is Cox Business Internet. Surfboard 6183 Cable Modem, Netgear R7000, AC1900 . I finally gave up on Netgear and bought a new Motorola MR1900. The download speed was 120 Mbps and remained stable after 24 hours, and 3 days. Then I followed HP alert and ran Intel Platform ME Firmware Update: sp87520.exe, Softpaq Number SP87520, 4/24/2018.

After I ran the Intel Platform FIrmware Update, my WIFI speed dropped from 120 Mbps down to 3 Mbps after 20 minutes. And it did go down to 0.5 Mbps once. I have to restart my PC often, in order to regain the 120 Mbps. It feels like someone is hi-jacking my PC in the background, causing the WIFI to slow down to a crawl. So Can the Intel Firmware Update be the cause for all these slow WIFI problem? Replacing Netgear with Motorlora works only for a few days. All the good gains were destroyed by the Intel Firmware Update? Is the security update of Intel Firmware cause the melt-down in WIFI download speed?

Or is this from something else? Please help!!

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Thank you very much for sharing your issue with the Intel Communities Team, Shong50. I will be more than glad to assist you.



In order for me to assist you better, please provide me with the .txt file that the http://https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293/Intel-System-Support-Utility-for-Windows- System Support Utility will generate. To attach a file, you must click the "Attach" option on the bottom right-hand corner of the response box.


Additionally, do you have the same issue if you connect your system wired?




Antony S.




Hello, Shong50.



I would like to know if you still need assistance. If so, please do not hesitate to reply to this thread.




Antony S.