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I have an Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 and the bluetooth has never worked.


Dell precision Tower

Windows 7


Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 Wireless works fine

Bluetooth has never worked.


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You bought this as part of a Dell computer system? Of so, you need to talk to Dell regarding this issue.



Thank you for that clarification. So there is no documentation on this site that I could look at to figure it out.

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Hello @dbj999​ 

There are documentation and drivers for AC 8260 adapter on Intel site. Scott is recommending to address your question to the laptop manufacturer, since they could modify the Intel driver.

Any way if you want use Intel site, here are the links:

  1. Specification https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/86068/intel-dual-band-wireless-ac-8260.html
  2. Bluethooth driver for Windows 7 https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28628/Intel-Wireless-Bluetooth-for-Windows-7-?product=8606...
  3. WiFi driver for Windows 7 https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/28624/Intel-PROSet-Wireless-Software-and-Drivers-for-Windo...





Excellent. Thank you.


After much ado, Dell has finally answered my question.

Funny, I asked them about this when I had the computers configured, but now they confirm that in fact there is a problem.


I am using the M.2 slot for the M.2 SSD.

BlueTooth functionality is only available on the build through the M.2 slot.

So, BlueTooth part of the 8260 won't function because it's not hardware supported on this machine.


Cool right.

I do find that mouse dongles work. Just not cards apparently.


It really seems like there is some driver issue here...Oh well.

Thanks again.

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So let's summarize a few things...


  • The 8260 card hosts two subsystems, one for Wireless - which is accessed over PCIe - and one for Bluetooth - which is accessed over USB. Aside; In a perfect world, both would be accessed using the same interface, but history is against this; the use of USB for Bluetooth was essentially mandated across the industry (by a short-sighted Microsoft, I think).
  • The 8260 card is designed to plug into M.2 socket types A or E, which provide the necessary PCIe lane and USB lane.
  • Similarly, M.2-based SSDs are designed to plug into M.2 socket types B or M, which provide the necessary PCIe lanes, for M.2 PCIe/NVMe SSDs, and SATA lane, for M.2 SATA SSDs. Aside: Most enthusiasts want their NVMe SSDs in M.2 socket type M, since M.2 socket type M has four PCIe lanes versus M.2 socket type B's two PCIe lanes.
  • M.2 sockets of a specific type are keyed so that only cards designed to work with this specific socket type can be plugged in.


So, now you have me confused. You are saying that your laptop has only one M.2 socket and it contains your SSD - which says to me that the socket is of type B or M - and thus it cannot host a 8260 card. I conclude from this that the 8260 isn't on an M.2 card but is instead an IC that is mounted directly on the laptop's motherboard. Is this correct? You then seem to be saying that Dell is telling you that they didn't route a USB lane to the IC and thus its Bluetooth subsystem cannot be used?





Not a laptop. It's a mini tower.

So yes, only 1 m.2 socket.

and the 8260 is in a PCIe

The card has an external antenna and plugs in not just to the Slot, but also to another header, which is labeled as "CLINK header for Intel WiFi add-in-card".

However, none of this seems to carry the necessary channel to support Blue Tooth.

Not sure why.




May be I can help you with that

Recently I adquiered a PCIe Wifi card (0fr13y with a intel 9260 Module)

The card contains the M.2 9260 module and a connector to the mother board, but the connector (cable #CN-007N43-MJC00) doesn't fit to any of my asus mother board. The wifi part works very well, but the Bluetooth (5.1) Doesn't appear anywhere in the system (is not about the drivers)


The card is only for a Dell computer, fits in a Dell Precision Tower 3420 (https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-bb/product-support/product/precision-t3420-workstation/docs)

Checking the manual, the weird cable is for the CLINK  (Controller Link, page 22 of the manual, connector #32: CLINK header for Intel WiFi add-in-car)


As the Bluetooth only works through  USB the CLINK must be a combo of USB (3.1 may be) and the necessary controller to wake up the machine (since you can perform a Wake-on-LAN but with the WLAN).


So.. If you have the card, look for the CLINK cable to connect to your motherboard and have bluetooth, check for a proper contact of the cable.

If any one can help me to strip the USB only part of the CLINK cable to make my own CLINK to USB cable

Thank you