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Intel 8260 Bluetooth not working? (WiFi is fine)


Hello I recently purchased an Intel 8260 WiFi card and I've been having some problems. Basically the WiFi is working great but the Bluetooth is not functioning at all. I tried install the latest Intel drivers but was hit with an error. I then went to the Dell website and downloaded the Dell latest drivers but was hit with the same error. I then looked for some older drivers on the Dell website and it successfully installed but I'm still facing the same problem. I just tried to redownload the latest intel drivers in order to recreate the error message but for some reason it also successfully installed but I'm still facing the same error.

I have a Dell XPS 13 (European). It originally shipped with a Broadcom Dell 1820A which was atrocious. I know I'm probably going to get the standard intel response : We don't support integration, but firstly that's not helpful at all. Secondly other models of the XPS 13 (North American) ship with the 8260.

If I look for my devices I can't even see a bluetooth option - see pictures.

I actually have to go to device manager - where I can see the Bluetooth device listed, however it has an error message. I've tried multiple drivers and reboots still to no avail. Some people having a similar problem on the 7260 said they removed all the software for their old card and sometimes managed to get it working. I'm willing to try this as a first option but have no idea how to find my old Broadcom drivers and software (as the card is no longer displaying in the device manager) and so any help with that would be appreciated.

My system specs are:

Dell XPS 13 (9350)



Windows 10 Home 64-bit

Intel Wireless AC-8260 (current driver:

Intel Wireless Bluetooth (current driver: 18.1.1551.2884)

Thanks for any help. Really hope I can get this sorted.

[img]http://i68.tinypic.com/2lt1owi.jpg http://i68.tinypic.com/2lt1owi.jpg[/img]

[img]http://i63.tinypic.com/16k2fly.jpg http://i63.tinypic.com/16k2fly.jpg[/img]

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Lol derp thought I could embed images. Please find them through the links provided or here:


And here:


I found something extremely interesting/puzzling. I managed to fix my Intel Bluetooth, I managed this by deleted the drivers for my old Broadcom Dell 1820A. Everything's now great right? NOPE.

For some reason enabling Bluetooth completely stopped playback on my laptop? I connected to my bluetooth earphones and I opened Youtube on chrome and the video would load but would just not play. I tried this on 3 different browsers; edge, chrome, firefox - and they all had the same result. In order to make sure this wasn't just a youtube problem I tried opening an MP3 file from my computer - again, it was stuck at 0:00 with my bluetooth enabled and the bluetooth headphones connected. (I'm not sure which of these is causing the problem).

No idea why this is occurring but any help would be greatly appreciated because as of now I have to choose between having my bluetooth enabled, and my computer being able to play back media - including online video, which is an easy choice but not convenient at all.

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We understand you know Intel does not support integration, but we would like to clarify as to why we don't support it. Our wireless components such as wireless adapters are not meant be sold to the end user directly. It is designed originally for OEMs as they apply all necessary modifactions in order to make it fully functional in their systems. If you buy one outright and then later compare to the same model installed by factory by an OEM you will find differences in voltage, features removed or add... and the like, and this is the reason we don't support and also that is the reason why to OEM provides all the support as the adapters are modified for specific systems. Check this link for more information on this matter: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/network-and-i-o/wireless-networking/000005687.html?wa... Regulatory Information Regarding Hardware Installation or Upgrade for...

Another possible issue is the fact that your computer was bought in Europe. It is important that you know that each region and/or country obeys diferent patterns, frequencies and regulations that may differ from that of North America's and this may result in compatibility issues causing that certain features may or may not work as it should.

On our best effort to assist you regarding your Bluetooth* connectivity, please check this link as you may find solutions that might resolve the Bluetooth* issue you are encountering: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/network-and-i-o/wireless-networking/000005821.html Bluetooth® FAQ for Network and I O

We also recommend that you contact your computer OEM and see if they have any possible solution as well: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/topics/OEMs.html Computer Manufacturer Support Websites