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Intel AC 8265 does not fit in M.2 slot and PC not booting


Today I tried to install my new Intel AC 8265 to the M.2 slot of my Asrock B450M motherboard. While my intel SSD fits nicely in both M.2 slots of the motherboard, the AC 8265 did not fit properly. I suspect a manufacturing error. In the end I only managed to achieve these two useless results:

  • When forcing the adapter into the slot (not neatly fitting straight in the M.2 slot), the PC would not boot anymore until the AC 8265 was removed and power was reset.
  • Sometimes the PC would boot, but the AC 8265 would not show up in device manager or give any other sign of life. I think it just did not make contact in this case.


It seems to me this is a mistake in the AC 8265. What can I do to get wifi now?



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A manufacturing error? Forced it into the slot?

You need to read this first about the different form factors for the M.2 and the B AND M keys:



Then, you will likely need to replace the motherboard and 8265, due to the damage you caused.


Why would you ever force something into a slot? Not a good idea.




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