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Intel AX200 dropping connection when under load


Hi everyone,


Like many others, I have an AX200 based card (TP-Link AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 PCIe card) which drops the connection after a few seconds of being loaded. The drivers offered by TP-Link are the original signed Intel drivers. I bought this card a few months ago and was having issues since day 1 but I always thought my router was causing the issue. I recently upgraded my router and found that the issue still persists.

Basically, whenever I download large files at high speeds, the connection just drops and I lose all internet connectivity. Most of the time it reconnects after 30 seconds or so. Sometimes I have to disconnect and reconnect manually. The easiest way to reproduce this is to try and install a large game through Steam or Epic. The download speed ramps up then drops to zero. 

I've seen countless threads on these forums and others from people having the same issue. I have also tried many different proposed solutions such as trying to use 2.4Ghz, using only 20Mhz or n connectivity (not acceptable as these are severely limited in speed).


Finally, I started testing different driver versions and with help of a Reddit user found a driver version that works without an issue - from April 2019. According to Reddit, a version from May 2019 also works but I was not able to find it online. When using this version, I can sustain high download speeds (50+ MB/s for 30+ minutes without any disconnect or other issues. I've tried probably 10 newer versions, including the latest one, and they all exhibit the exact same issue.

Something must have changed in the drivers that is causing this issue and hopefully, Intel can fix this. 


I'm happy to perform any suggested tests but when I can fix or recreate the issue by simply installing a newer or older driver, I think it's isolated enough.


Thanks in advance. 

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Hello Chikapook, 


Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.   


As you are using a third-party adapter (TP-Link AX3000 Wi-Fi 6 PCIe card), then I will recommend you to reach the manufacturer of this adapter directly. 


Even if it has the Intel® ax200 chip, it is built and branded by a third party company, the updates and different issues should be covered by TP-Link*.  




Sebastian M  

Intel Customer Support Technician  


Hello Chikapook,  


We hope the previous post guided you to the correct support place. 


We will proceed to close this inquiry as you should be working with the original manufacturer of the adapter. 


If you have any additional questions, please submit a new thread and we will gladly assist you.  




Sebastian M  

Intel Customer Support Technician