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Intel Centrino(R) Wireless- N 0130 Lose wireless connection when specific other computer is connected


Hi there,

I live in a student house and for a few months I had no problem connecting wirelessly (no dropping connection ever). I can also connect in other locations with other routers no problem. Recently, I have a new room mate and I whenever she is also using the wireless connection my connection will drop within 5 minutes. Running the troubleshooting gives the error "default gateway not available". The only way I can regain connection is by resetting the router, but my connection will drop again within 5 minutes. I have used this same router with several other computers at the same time, for some reason her computer specifically boots me off. I recently updated the drivers online, and have tried releasing/renewing my IP address. Nothing has worked yet..... Any Ideas? Thanks! (Ps. I am using windows 7 and Dell Inspiron 14R)


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I am sorry for the issue.

It would be good to check whether the systems involved are using dynamic or static IP addresses.

http://windows.microsoft.com/is-is/windows/change-tcp-ip-settings# 1TC=windows-7 http://windows.microsoft.com/is-is/windows/change-tcp-ip-settings# 1TC=windows-7

Besides an IP address conflict you may want to verify the MAC address has not been cloned. For this part you will need to check in both computers using the command prompt: .

It is also possible that the DHCP pool is reaching its limit of client addresses, try contacting the network administrator for assistance.