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Intel PROset/WIreless software and driver AND Intel (R) Wireless LAN update installation problem


So for about a week now I been trying to install Intel PROset/WIreless software and driver It downloads starts installing, and says success. WHICH IS GREAT! BUT I noticed when I go back to the updater it says failed. Now I been trying to install the wifi update from the sony vaio updater too which is the Intel (R) Wireless LAN update Are these two the same thing? if so I also cant install this the updater tells me to WAIT A WHILE THEN TRY AGAIN....I BEEN WAITING A WEEK LOL....So I try to manually install and it starts extracting the file to install after it download, and then says it has STOPPED WORKING and crashes EVERYTIME. Idk if there is a older version or im installing it in the wrong steps, but something is not letting it install please help???? IT kicks me off the internet whether I'm hardwired or not randomly says connected with no internet access then it lets me back on.

NOTE: Not sure if this is related but I looked at my device manager and PCI DEVICE, AND UNKOWN DEVICE ARE BOTH SHOWING YELLOW TRIANGLE.

WIndows 8.1


Wireless Intel Wireless-N 7260

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Hello yoitsgerbss,

Here are some aspects to consider and actions you can try for this issue:

- Driver upgrades for Intel® Wireless adapters are normally available from the PC manufacturer's. In most cases, the OEM's will modify and customize the driver to work better with a specific system. It is recommended to use the drivers provided by the PC manufacturer whenever possible. The drivers you can find in Intel Download Center are considered a second option; these are generic versions and may not contain customizations required by some PC's.

The Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software seems to be a Sony release since Intel did not release such version number.

- If the automated updater from Sony is not able to finish the installation, it may be due to a problem with the update tool, or with the Operating System in your computer. If this is the case, we would advise you to contact Sony for assistance on this matter.

- Check in Device Manager under Network Adapters, if the Wireless adapter is detected, and which driver version is installed. Also, check if the Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software is installed in your programs.

- As I mentioned before, if the driver was not installed properly, you can try the manual installation of https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24656/Intel-PROSet-Wireless-Software-for-Windows-8-1- Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software for Windows 8.1*, version 17.14.0. Select the version that contains the management software and drivers depending on your OS version (32 or 64 bit).

Or, you may use http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect?iid=dc_iduu Intel® Driver Update Utility, this tool will detect which driver updates are relevant to your computer, and then will help you install them.