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Intel WiFi AX201 160MHz Adapter package lost on a 802.1x - WPA2-Enterprise network


Clients: HP EliteBook 850 G7/8

WiFi adapter: Intel AX201 160MHz, driver version: 22.70 (OEM from HP)

OS: Win10 21H1


Network components:

ZyWALL 310 as a WLAN controller, firmware: newest 4.70 from ZyXEL

Accesspoints: ZyXEL NWA5123-AC, firmware: newest 6.10 from ZyXEL



The wifi adapter have after a certain time an interruption with the WiFi5 (802.11ac with WPA2-Enterprise). The connection is not disconnected (IP address remains) but we can't ping any address (intern server or a website with IP/DNS).

This problem doesn't exist with the older clients with Intel AC-8260 WiFi Adapter.


This issue is not with the WiFi where a SSID with PSK (WPA2mix), just with the WiFi where use WPA2-Enterprise.


We captured the traffic on the client with wireshark and we see package are lost, not respond.
After approx 60 seconds the response comes in. In this 60 seconds Windows looks like "no internet access".


Today I have installed Windows10 21H2 build and the newest Intel driver but this issue persists.

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Hello @ako90

Thank you for posting on the Intel® communities.

We noticed that you have an internal support ticket open describing the same issue and the same hardware and environment as the one described in this thread. We can see that Intel® Customer Support is currently assisting you through the internal support ticket regarding this issue, therefore, the support will continue through that channel and we will proceed to close this thread in order to avoid duplication of efforts.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

Andrew G.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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Hi Andrew,


We have a very same issue so it would be very helpful to get the resolution public.

We have multiple geographically located sites with the same issue. Each time the issue is only with 802.1X (enterprise authenticated SSID)

 We already narrowed down that this issue is not visible in 22.60 driver version but happens with 22.70 and newer. Even the brand new driver version is affected. 

Our sites use Cisco WLC in different models and different versions. We already opened call at cisco and are waiting for their reply. 


Anyway it is clear now that the driver version is what is common but we don't know how to open a call to cisco as all our client machines are HP brand. 


Please advise. 



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I thought that the other community members should also notice this issue.

I'm sorry, please close this channel.


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