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Intel Wireless Display issues Centrino Ult-N 6300, belkin screencast, Lenovo W530

conn Like many other users, I am having an issue with Wireless Display with a Lenovo W530 Win 8. I have scoured the communities and tried every solution and driver configuration imaginable. My current driver configuration is as follows: Intel Pro/Wireless 15.5.6 Intel Widi: 3.5.041. My connection process goes like this:

  1. Start WIDI App scan for device.
  2. Click Connect, enter code on screen and run though prompts.
  3. After entering the WPS pin, the TV briefly flashes "Connection Error" before displaying "Security Configuration Successful"
  4. The computer will remain in "Trying to Connect" mode forever, while the TV after a minute or so will return to start up screen.
  5. Connection never finalizes and when trying to connect again, it tells me I have to delete the adapter in "Devices and Printers"
  6. Rinse Wash Repeat

As stated, I have tried going back multiple versions of both drivers to no avail. I have completely turned off firewalls, anti-virus and any other suspected software. I have tried multiple laptops even (w520, w530) and multiple access points (not like it matters)

Any help would be appreciated, I'm pretty much out of options.


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Hello Bobby, this entry is repeated, it has been continued on thread

thank you.