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Intel® Wireless-N 7260 - slows



I have a problem with Intel Wireless-N 7260. The card works just fine, but after a few minutes transfer slows down to about 4Mb/s (802.11n -> 802.11b?).

I tried with all drivers and always have the same problem (now I have , Sometimes the card loses connection and I must reset it.


Windows 7 64bit Professional on Lenovo Z510



Sorry for my english.


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So you bought another Intel Wirelesss card? I will never buy Intel card agian if I won`t solve this problem. Ok, I`ll give it a try one more time and AGAIN (I already did this) install most recen drivers for Wifi and Bluetooth. But the only drivers that gave me satisfying connection speed are 16.5.3 (with bluetooth OFF, installed or not). So I think this will not solve my problem.


Hello guys,

i have found a solution that works for me

First of all, go to the device manager; network adapter; Intel Dualband Wireless-AC 7260; Advanced Options; Wireless Mode; choose 4.802.11b/g

Then you have to disable the wireless LAN autotuning of Windows.


Open cmd as administrator.


And type in:

netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled


netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled


I hope this helps you as well.

This has been doing my head in today: I did find some more guidance on the crashing and of local routers being to do with Power Saving Polling, this response below from another forum post (http://forum.tp-link.com/showthread.php?76672-TL-WR841N-connecting-Laptop-crashes-WLAN TL-WR841N connecting Laptop crashes WLAN) may be of use to some:

Same problem. My company just issued new Lenovo Laptops with the Intel 7260 wireless chipset. Same thing was happening to a few of us with TP-Link TL-WR841 routers.

Turns out that this is an issue with running the laptop in battery mode.

When you're using battery,Power Save Polling (PSP) causes connection issues with access points or with routers


The following symptoms can happen if a Wi-Fi access point (AP) or Wi-Fi router does not support the power save polling (PSP) feature:

•Intermittent loss of Wi-Fi connection

•Inability to initiate a Wi-Fi connection

•Poor Wi-Fi connection data performance

Using battery power can cause these symptoms to be noticeable.


PSP mode is a feature that provides extended battery life for laptop computers. The mode requires coordination between the AP or router and the Wi-Fi adapter. Intel has discovered that some APs or routers may not implement the feature correctly or completely.


1.Manually put the Wi-Fi adapter into continuously aware mode (CAM). This disables the PSP feature. Set CAM by using one of the following methods:

•Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility

•Network control panel applet (NCPA)

Note:Using this way can cause your Bluetooth device to not receive signals. Contact your computer manufacturer for more information.

2.Disable U-APSD support

Go to Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Device Manager >> Network Adapters >> Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 >> right click to select the "Properties">>Advance>>Diasble U-APSD support >>Click OK button

The following is steps for setting CAM:

Set CAM using Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility

From the Intel PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility:

1.Click Advanced > Adapter Settings > Advanced tab.

2.Windows 7 or 8*: Select Transmit Power, change Value to 5. Highest.

Note:If the slider is already at Highest / Maximum Performance, move the slider to another setting and then back to Highest / Maximum Performance

Set CAM using network control panel applet (NCPA)

Put the wireless adapter into continuously aware mode using the following steps:

1.Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.

2.Double-click Network Connections.

3.Right-click the wireless connection and click Properties.

4.Click Configure.

5.Click the Advanced tab.

6.Windows XP: Select the Power Management setting, uncheck Default / Auto, and move the slider to Highest / Maximum Performance.

7.Windows 7 or 8: Select Transmit Power, change Value to 5. Highest

Note:If the slider is already at Highest / Maximum Performance, move...


I had the same problem, it was working perfectly then suddenly stop working, I don't remember having changed anything, but it could have been a windows update. it had been like this for 1 month

i tried everything until last night, i performed a windows update, then i set the connection as metered, then disabled the bluetooth, then disable and reenable download over metered connection, and finally jump over one feet 3 times, and its working again.

hope this works for someone.


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As technology is advancing , wireless network become the default options for people's. Fix Error code 0X0070002 helped me to get the solution of this.


i had the same problem but somewhat I resolve some issues and found something i had intel® wireless-N 7260HMW AN after changing the card adapter and installing the Bluetooth driver I got slow internet connection I did research in google I did configure what they said in “ device manager” but sadly it doesn’t solved my problem it doesn't increase my internet speed and it’s getting worse my internet speed in a desperate action for getting increase the internet speed what I did, I configured it by my own, I uninstall completely all the driver (both wifi and Bluetooth) both version 21.10.1 . after I uninstall the driver.

This is what I did

  1. I install the Bluetooth driver completely. After install then hit finish.
  2. I install the Wifi proset ver 21.10.1 but before you proceed to install button choose customized then install administrator tool kit and press install after finish installing all the driver.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. After restart check your internet and Bluetooth if its working if worked your internet speed expect in slow now close all windows.
  5. Now go to start (windows) find intel proset folder then open it and choose “intel® PROSet/Wirerless Tools” now the application will pop up.
  6. In intel® PROSet/Wirerless Tools please select administer and create your own password after creating a password it will direct will pop up again the administer tool window.
  7. Choose “create a new package” then press “ok”
  8. Choose application settings then check the box saying “include application settings in this package” after checking the box do nothing next
  9. Go to adapter settings then check the box again saying “Include adapter settings in this package” after checking it will let you configure the value in that option now click the following and choose in every following:
  • 802.11ac Mode > “disabled”
  • 802.11n Channel Width (2.4GHz) > “Use default value”
  • 802.11n Channel Width (5.2 GHz) > “Use default value”
  • 802.11n Mode > “Use default value”
  • Ad Hoc Channel > “Use default value”
  • Ad Hoc Power Management > “Use default value”
  • Ad Hoc Qos Mode > “Use default value”
  • Fat Channel Intolerant > “Use default value”
  • Mixed mode protection > “Use default value”
  • Power Management > “Use default value”
  • Preamble Mode > “Use default value”
  • Roaming Aggressiveness > “Use default value”
  • Transmit Power > “Use default value”
  • Wireless Mode > “Use default value”
  1. After configure the adapter settings then click close after clicking it will pop up saying “The current package is changed. Would you like to save changes?”
  2. Click “yes” it will pop up another window in file name type anything you like then hit “save”
  3. After clicking save another window will po saying “package saved” click “finished”
  4. After clicking the “finished” check the box saying “Apply this package to this computer” then hit ok
  5. Wait for a couple of secs to load the package, your cursor mouse will let you know loading the configurations are done, after loading. Go to your application to check your internet speed if its increasing.

Now I told you a while ago that I found something, this is what I found in 2.4GHz when you turn off your Bluetooth your internet speed will go to normal as your true internet speed  but if you turn your Bluetooth on but nothings connected to it your internet speed will surely decrease by 50% if you turn on your Bluetooth and connect your device like Bluetooth speaker and your speaker has no audio on it like no sound producing your internet speed is still getting decreasing BUT when Bluetooth is on  if your Bluetooth has an audio or sounds it will go to back to normal internet speed like true speed.

i used bluetooth and my bluetooth speaker connected to it when watching netflix or browsing and always checking the internet speed it doesnt decrease when my bluetooth speaker producing a sound.

Proset wifi driver and Bluetooth driver install only even without wifi driver:

wifi with bluetooth off = Decrease internet speed

wifi with bluetooth ON = Decrease internet speed 

wifi with bluetooth on with connected Bluetooth speaker but standby = Decrease internet speed

wifi with bluetooth on with connected speaker but with sounds producing = Decrease internet speed


wifi with bluetooth off = Increase or true speed internet speed

wifi with bluetooth ON = Decrease internet speed 

wifi with bluetooth on with connected Bluetooth speaker but standby = Decrease internet speed

wifi with bluetooth on with connected speaker but with sounds producing = Normal or true speed internet speed 

in my first impression for this hardware there somethings wrong with power distribution between the bluetooth and the wifi the bluetooth should be busy for then wifi is working properlly

hope this model is not a hardware issue hope it will function properly using proper configuration.

I'm using old laptop Toshiba dynabook satellite b552/f running  windows 10 64bit OS 


Hope it will help please let me know if its working but I'm still configuring it to a perfect settings.


sorry for my bad English and a Novel paragraph hope you guys got what i mean and my instructions.



my problem is already solved, before I'm using  wifi adapter atheros AR5BHB11 when i changed it to intel wifi adapter because it has bluetooth technology and i did follow the cable order in atheros (stock wifi adapter) my white cable placed in 1 in atheros then black cable placed in no 2   but got a slow internet speed as mention above then i manually configure it using proset/wireless tools it increased the internet speed with doing something to consider first just to increase the internet speed .. 

now i dissasembled my laptop and reached the wifi adapter I interchange the cable antenna now my white cable antenna instead putting it to no. 1 in intel I put in no. 2 and the black i placed it in no.1.

now i got stable internet speed it never drop and it increases beyond my expectation, it never drop no more to consider even bluetooth with or without connection, with sound or standby  still increases no more drop internet speed..