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Intel or Asus update ?


Intel or Asus update?

Hello, in this topic:
https://community.intel.com/t5/Wireless/Wireless-Bluetooth-AX210-after-sleep-mode/m-p/1526187/emcs_t/S2h8ZW1haWx8dG9waWNfc3Vic2NyaXB0aW9ufExNVDFDMzVIS0xYQ0UwfDE1MjYxODd8U1VCU0NSSVBUSU9 OU3xoSw#M49880

An unresolved problem, support asked me to uninstall the device and redo the installation with that of Asus on my motherboard. I was told that the newest update is from Asus for my motherboard, but now I am receiving an update proposal from Intel Software Support for a newer newer update.
However, I already had this update from Intel before I was told to uninstall the device and put the update from Asus.
Now I'm confused, should I put the Asus one as I was recommended in the subject of the topic or should I really update this Intel support update ?


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The reason for asking you to install the (older) version supplied by the manufacturer is because this version has (in theory) been evaluated and verified good before the laptop ever ships. The process you want to follow to check operation with this version is as follows:

  1. Disable Windows Update.
  2. Uninstall the existing driver.
  3. Reboot, keeping Windows Update disabled.
  4. Install the latest version of the driver provided by the manufacturer (not Intel).
  5. Reboot, keeping Windows Update disabled.
  6. Test to see if the issue is alleviated.
  7. When done, enable Windows Update (rebooting if it asks for it).
  8. Test to see if the issue has reappeared.

Now, in some cases, the latest version from the manufacturer will work and the latest from Intel then fail. This is something you report to Intel (@DeividA_Intel in this case). At the same time, if you have the time, you can work through the installation of the updates between the latest version from the manufacturer and the latest version from Intel and see if you can isolate where the problem was inserted.

Hope this covers it,



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Hello, thank you for answering my question. However, I didn't understand the choice.

In the subject of the shared link the problem remains the same, whether I have that of the manufacturer Asus for my motherboard of my desktop PC or the one which is constantly offered by Intel from software support.
The problem of the subject shared in link I already had it with Intel of this latest version which I am constantly offered to install by Intel, or the one which I am now with the latest version from Asus for my motherboard.

In general I install all updates offered by Intel software support for Intel hardware inserted in my motherboard, and not by Ubdate. Likewise, what is installed for Asus I will not look for it on Ubdate, but rather on the Asus site while searching for my motherboard.

My question with this additional information, is it better to install what is offered from Intel for my Intel hardware inserted in my Asus motherboard or leave the Asus one?
Should I deactivate the Intel support offer, because it keeps offering it to me every day?

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The Intel Driver and Support Assistant (DSA) was originally designed to support Intel's NUC products. For other vendors products, it doesn't have the same level of information and could be offering things that are not the best for your system. Worse, while it shouldn't, it can get into conflict with Windows Update where it pongs back and forth from one version of a driver to another.

For the former problem, you have two choices,

  1. Use DSA's capability for hiding an update, so you don't get offered it over and over.
  2. Uninstall and stop using DSA completely.

For the latter problem, you have three choices,

  1. Use DSA's capability for hiding an update, so you don't get offered it over and over.
  2. Use the Microsoft Windows Update Show-Hide tool to hide the update so it doesn't get installed by Windows Update.
  3. Uninstall and stop using DSA completely.

This is a pain in the a$$ I know,


P.S. Microsoft is no longer making the Windows Update Show-Hide tool available for download. This is likely because it can be difficult to use as well. Regardless, I have attached a ZIP file providing the tool if you want to try using it. You simply extract the one file (wushowhide.diagcab) and then double click on the file to run it. 

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Thanks for your information and the software is simpler than the PowerShell manual, it might be useful to me. Because, in Update Microsoft also offers me this same update for my Intel WIFI/Bluetooth product. So I'm also going to deactivate it on Ubadate.

However, having in my desktop PC an Asus motherboard with Intel hardware for WIFI/Bluetooth (TP-Link AXE5400) ; you recommend that I keep the latest Asus update downloaded from their site for my motherboard, (which does not hasn't been updated in a while) and drop Intel software support for my Intel hardware products that are constantly updated throughout the year ?
In Intel products I only have this product and I would soon like to obtain the Intel 10GB/s to take full advantage of my Internet provider subscription.

For my problem regarding the shared link versus Bluetooth not reactivating after putting my computer to sleep, and having to restart my desktop computer to fix the problem; I have opened a ticket with Asus, as Intel cannot help me with this remaining issue.

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