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Looking for help with Centrino Wireless-n + wimax 6150

I just purchased a new ASUS U56E laptop and am having trouble with wireless stability and throughput. I Have a ASUS RTN-16 router running Tomato firmware in N only mode and cannot connect above 54 Mbps. I also have a ASUS RT12 AP, again in N-only running default firmare and the connection is very poor and variable speeds and throughput is unstable even at a distance of a couple feet. Other types of wireless devices connect with no issues at max speed. I spent alot of time setting up and testing the network with other devices and it is very strong. There appears to be a setting that is causing issues with the Centrino. Any comments or plausable resolutions.

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Update on this issue, I had a chance to review previous post and solutions from other devices and the final fix for the Tomato firmware was to disable "Afterburner" and enable "WMM". They would not work with Auto selected. After that change, I get a much better connection and throughput. Still seems a little inconsistant on W7 connection speed compared to another device I have, but I get a good file transfer rate of 10'ish MBps