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More AC7260 Bluetooth Problems


I just updated my Bluetooth drivers from 17.0.1405.0466 to 17.1.1406.01

I am running Windows 7 Professional on a Dell M6800.

Now, my Bluetooth radio is listed as Generic Bluetooth Adapter and I am unable to turn the adapter off within Windows. If I select "turn adapter OFF" from the Bluetooth shortcut in the Notification Area of the taskbar, nothing happens.

If I open Bluetooth Settings and check the "Turn off the Bluetooth adapter" checkbox, I get the following error message:

An error occurred while Windows was saving your settings. The Bluetooth device might be unplugged.

The following settings were not saved: Discoverability settings

Surprisingly, I am able to connect to the computer via Bluetooth, but obviously something isn't right here.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times now. I have completely powered off the PC and disconnected the battery and power supply as some have suggested on other threads.

Prior to this, when I was running 17.0.1405.0466, the only problem I had was that the Bluetooth LED by the keyboard would not turn off when the adapter was turned off until a reboot was performed.

Hopefully there is a cure for this.

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<<I just updated my Bluetooth drivers>>

Often the fatal mistake around these parts.

Use system restore to roll back.

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Thanks for the reply.

I know this card is generally regarded as a complete flop (to put it nicely) and I've had more than my share of issues with the wifi end of things, but I must have missed the part that about not taking the latest BT drivers. I looked around here quite a bit before I installed them too. Bummer.

I am going to try uninstalling then reinstalling the previous version. I hate using System Restore...

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