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NUC5i3RYH USB rollerball/mouse failure


Brand new i3 NUC, latest bios and USB 3 drivers, win 7 64 bit ultimate fully up to date.

Terrible problems with keyboard and mouse being recognized in windows with the latest intel usb 3 drivers (

Finally after trying 7+ keyboard and mouse combos I have a wired dell usb mouse that works.

However, this is not an acceptable solution as this is an HTPC and I need to be able to use a wireless mouse device.

Specifically I want to use my Iogear GKM561R wireless keyboard and rollerball mouse combo.

The keyboard part of the GKM561R works wirelessly in windows, but the rollerball mouse does not.

If I boot into safe mode both the keyboard and the rollerball mouse work perfectly.

This leads me to the conclusion that it's a driver issue...

I've tried removing the USB drivers completely but then USB no longer works in windows at all.

The fact that the keyboard and mouse combo work perfectly at range when in safe mode seems to suggest the problem is not 2.4ghz interference as suggested elsewhere (as does the fact that the keyboard works in windows).

The "last know good configuration" approach has not worked for me.

I have also tried a Logitech Cordless Trackman wireless rollerball mouse, this also did not work at all.

In every other way this is a good device but being unable to use a wireless mouse is a fatal flaw. My NUC is basically useless at this point.

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Well that was useless. Just talked to "Marvin" on tech support and he couldn't help at all. He did reassure me that the issue would be fixed but when? And what recompense do I get for intel selling me a basically useless product?


Try changing the xHCI mode in BIOS for the USB configuration in Devices, USB. Additionally, you may try using an extender USB cable.


Thanks Joe.

keyboard/mouse receiver is already on a usb extension.

Disabling xHCI in the bios (249) and thereby pushing all the USB ports back to 2.0 seems to address my problem.

This said, it's very disappointing to lose the speed of USB 3.0 as i have a usb3 external drive.