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No internet connection


All of my devices in my house have internet connection but my computer. There is no option to connect to my homes wifi on my computer anymore. This started this morning and I was told to ask someone at intel what to do. So, how do I get the internet back on my computer?

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All of us on the forum are going to need more information in order to try and resolve the problem. Let's begin with what brand of PC or laptop you have, and what model. If this is a custom built PC, please provide details on the components you are using. Also, please provide some detail about your home's network, such as model and brand of wireless router or access point. It would also be insightful if you give a list of the other devices in your house that are connecting properly. For example, if there is another laptop or mbile phone that is working, or another desktop PC. Just basic information on these things will be useful.

Another thing that will help is going to help is to let us know how long this PC or laptop was working before it stoppped. And also what operating and patch level.



I have an Asus laptop, I believe the model is TP412F. All of the other devices in my house are working fine, its just the computer that won't connect to the internet. Overall the laptop was working for about a year until this morning when it wouldn't connect to the internet. There's not even an option to connect to my homes wifi . When I go to the network connections folder it says the folder is empty, and the employee at office max said that was really bad and to contact someone at intel.

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Do you recall if any update was applied before the network stopped working? Or perhaps a crash or abnormal shutdown?

In checking on that model laptop there are more than one option for wireless adapter. In order to better assist you, please download and run the Intel System Support Utility. The hardware information collected will identify the exact adapter installed. Use the default options, click Scan, then Next until you can Save the results to a file. Please post back with the saved file as an attachment. The SSU can be located here: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25293/Intel-System-Support-Utility-for-Windows-