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Performance issues with 2 different computers...


Hi Intel Community !

I recently changed my internet to a 400 Mbps package and, although I can easily achieve that speed with my LG Velvet cellphone, no matter where I'm standing in the house, both my computers (including one that I just bought three weeks ago) performances are very unstable. I ran about 50 different speed test in a span of one week, and it's all over the place...from less than 100 Mbps to about 320 Mbps.

Doesn't seem to be related to a specific period of the day, as it's just as unstable during the day than it is in the middle of the night. Also tried to put the terminal provided by my ISP in three different locations in the house, with the same results. It currently sits on a small table in my living room, about 6 feet away from any electronics.

My ISP sent a technician over, and according to him, it's a network card issue (as evidenced by the fact that my cellphone doesn't have any problem to reach the promised speed). Somekind of communication issue between the terminal and the card itself.

Both computers are running on Windows 10 Home (64 bits). Desktop OS Build is 19042.685 with an Intel Dual Band Wireless AC-3168, while Laptop is OS Build 19041.685 with an Intel Dual Band Wireless AC-3160.

If that's any help to diagnose what the issue could be, I'm using the Ookla Speed Test extension/app...and I've noticed that in many occasions, the performances would start very low (like in 50's Mbps) for the first 5-6 seconds of the test, and then pickup near the end (to a very unstable peak)...like it's warming up or something.

Another thing to note: while I didn't make the test with the laptop, I can in fact reach 400 Mbps if connected to my ISP terminal via cable.

Any idea what my issue could be ?


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Oh, and one other thing...

While my download speed is all over the place, upload speed is pretty constant, between 55-57 Mbps, even when the download performances are bad.

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