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Radio Imagery 7620 ngw chips in an array.

I'd like to use wifi adapter chips to build an array of send and receive antennas; this would be for radio imagery. Can I get advice on where I can buy parts to solder this together and what I'd have to use to talk to the chips? I would combine the signals into a visual display with Software Define Radio and GNU.
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These cards plug into a M.2 Type E connector, which, amongst other things, provides it with the PCIe lane required to operate it. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M.2 for an introduction to the M.2 Type E connector.

As for the silicon module, you still need to provide the same interfaces as in the connector. I've attached the brief for the card and module; that's all the documentation I have for it.

AFAIK, the drivers for these cards/modules is designed to support a single card, not multiples. Drivers exist for Windows and Linux. I can't comment beyond that.

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