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WI-FI 6 AX200 AX unstable connection




 I have tried latest drivers for my PCIE card with AX200 chipset.

Till now every driver I have tried had problem with in 160 Mhz AX mode, DHCP simply would not work and windows would say "no internet".

Now finally with this driver, there is no more "no internet", but connection is slow and unstable, lan speed is fluctuating.

This is desktop environment, so I am not moving my laptop or anything.

Desktop is few meters away from router on opposite site in same room.

Driver version is:

When I change router to 80Mhz mode, suddenly speed is 721 Mbps and stable.

However 160Mhz mode is working fine on my phone, it's just problematic here with ax200 chipset. 

There I uploaded video to show how speed is fluctuating ... 



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