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When changing my wireless card, do I need to change the antennas too?


Hello, I have a doubt.

I have a laptop that has a wireless card with the 802.11ac network protocol, and I want to install an AX210 that has the 802.11ax protocol. If I'm going to change the card, do I need to change the wireless antennas on my laptop? Or will the ones already on it also work on the new wireless card?

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The AX210 module utilizes the same pair of antennas that a Wireless-AC module utilizes. One antenna is used for either (but not both) 5GHz or 6GHz connections and the other antenna is used for 2.4GHz connections and Bluetooth support.

Saying that again, with WiFi 6 and Wireless-AX, you will be choosing to use 5GHz or 6GHz communications. There is no support for (doubling the bandwidth) using both 5GHz and 6GHz simultaneously. Intel is working on new modules that will allow simultaneous usage. The only module made available so far is the CNVio2-based AX411 - which requires a specific chipset to support it. They have not released a version that can go in older non-CNVio M.2 Type E (NGW) connectors - and I am starting to lose confidence that this version will ever be released.

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