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Why my laptop doesn't have My Wifi installed ??


This is my 1st post, cause I searched the entire Internet because of my problem without any success and then I decided that it was about time and tried to find help here...

I bought my laptop on summer. It's a Samsung S9 900X4C-A01PT, with Win7 x64 and Intel Advanced-N 6235 wifi adapter...

Well, on first days I bought it, I didn't pay much attention of this particular detail, if My Wifi was installed or not... I almost immediately upgrade the wireless drivers, to the last version v15.2. After that I started to realize that there was no My Wifi installed on my computer...

I reinstalled the drivers, note that I know that when installing the Proset wireless drivers, I have to customize the installation in order to choose the My Wifi option to be installed... I tried to installed older versions of 15.x set drivers (I only didn't tried 14.x), I even did a factory reset to my laptop to see if My Wifi was present on the first boot.. none of this helped...

I asked on the and My Wifi is supposed to be there... I just don't get it why it isn't on my laptop...

If I go to Intel Proset Wireless start menu folder, I got a bunch of shortcuts but none led to the My Wifi utility. Also there is no icon on the notification area just like it was supposed to be there. I also tried to find it with the help of the file explorer, but nothing...

Is there anyone that can help me please?!?!

I would love to know why I'm not entitle to have My Wifi utility on my laptop....

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Thank you for your post Onesolo,


As per the description of your issue you might need to check the following link to see which features are supported by Intel® Wi-Fi adapters:


Intel® Centrino ® Wi-Fi Products: What are the different features supported by Intel® Wi-Fi adapters?

Please be aware that the adapter that you have (Intel Advanced-N 6235) is not listed on this document.


You may also try downloading the Intel® My Wi-Fi Dashboard which applies to the adapter that you have.

See the links below for further information:


Intel® My Wi-Fi Dashboard: Features and benefits.


Intel Download Center: Intel® My Wi-Fi Dashboard for Windows* 7:

I hope this helps!