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WiFi module error state, only works without drivers (Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX200 1600MHz)


Hi all,


I have a strange problem with my wifi adapter. When I turn on my laptop and I want to use my wifi, I first need te go to my Device Management and remove the wifi adapter including the drivers. After deletion I need to reboot my device in order to connect to a wireless network. 


I already tried to install the newest drivers from the driver assistant and manually, but without any luck. 


Can you guys help me?


Best regards


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You don't mention the type of laptop. That info may be useful if early steps to resolve the problem prove ineffective. And can you recall any events happening that precipitated the problems you are having? For example, the laptop crashed during an update, or there was a batch of updates.

The simplest thing to try right now is to allow Windows to reset the networking and see if that resolves the problem. Go to Settings, Network & Internet, and at the bottom of the center window you should see Network reset. Windows will respond that the laptop will reboot in a few minutes. Okay the warning and allow the PC to complete the reboot. After the restart you will need to reconnect to your wireless.


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